Whether you love him? More honest than the brain, the body

Whether you love him? More honest than the brain, the body

I tangled with a very painful emotional issues, and I know A male friends in 2008 into reality friends, I have Pentium III and his age, and soon became lovers and together, our relationship is very flat, during which I asked to see his family, he said busy no time refused, he said that home is in favor of us and I have no care, then I hurried home, got married at home when he said he does not agree, he confused Why do not agree, I have not met very depressed parents do not agree with how he was, what he said because I was a Muslim, in fact, I do not believe, then I do not want to break him, he would like to fight, and have a He did not fight for a long time to fucking agree, he has dragged me, do not meet me or gives me a promise. Then I left him, he did not stay.
Since I am not young age, always drives me home, married a few months later a friend introduced me to B boy years younger than me, looks cool, sunny, cheerful, and we get along so I found him about three months and do not love me, he was anything against me old fashion look is not so with me he did not dynamic, and what are not willing to do, first I thought he was not going well then, but later I found him very motivated, all of Lottery dream fortune, I qualifications, work is much higher than his income has also line, he always told me to borrow money, big money has little money, no money has me all I pay for dinner, during which everything did not give me a gift, you can say I did not take him a penny, in this society, I think I met this little fool, but I like him, but I can not stand a long time no one care about taste, it makes me so empty and alone.Renault CAN Clip|FORD VCM IDS|VCM IDS|AD 900 key programmer|benz star 2000|Toyota tester|AK500 key programmer|Fly 100 Honda|x431 I talked with him he said he changed, but I did not see him change, he does not agree with breaking up.
A former boyfriend, this time to find me, he said family agreed, is that he has not come home a few months without contact with the family, my family agreed to fight at home, I hope I can go back. In the state of my feelings at that time, I agree, and he went home. To his home, his parents treated me well, do not agree that we do not see the before (together) means, but then I know I am outside his mother too did not agree that it agreed to me pretty good.
The problem is not life and death broke up B, I struggle all day, he said he now understood me well, can not do without me. He knows that I and A, he has been fighting with, but I can not accept the way so he can not find my scolded me, cursing the hard to hear, back to my ex-boyfriend called and told that I had sex with him how much inferior disgusting things, to make ex-boyfriend to give me. There, he saw me with him to force me to do that, these are disgusted me, but I just can not let go he was like his heart, but the courage to choose him. A former boyfriend together and I do not have the feeling that he was very nice to me nice and respect me, let me, but (I) is not affectionate with him, even kissing do not want to, do not know how the case is not I do not love him?
Oh, I know very long-winded, you do not necessarily want to see, but I urge you to give me some advice, I really have lost the point of death!

Fear of Marriage in power, the era of a woman to marry him?

Fear of Marriage in power, the era of a woman to marry him?
Miss Su and her boyfriend's love affair has gone through ten years, gripped acquaintance from college to the present to each other, the other has long been an important part of your life, but has as yet not marry her boyfriend.
Miss Su said: "The boyfriend is very macho, he has promised me a carefree life, but with the four old age, life stress increased, the boyfriend wanted to achieve" economic dream "is also increasingly greater. before I would also like to work hard with him, until the economy a little better again when married, but time flies, I am now 30 years old, do not want to wait any longer, so I made him take the initiative to get married, although he slightly was hesitant, but still agreed to marry me. "
Back in 2008, China Academy of Social Sciences and the Social Science Documentation Publishing House jointly issued the "2008 China Social Situation Analysis and Forecast" report had pointed out that the number of marriages registered in China continued to decrease significantly delayed age at first marriage, and nearly half The "80" Fear of Marriage admit.
Now, "80" has been getting into standing, if 30-year-old man has just a good time, the number may be 30 years old woman who allows the endless fear.
Miss Liu said, just out of college scene is also fresh in an instant myself, "Pentium III" the. Whether online or work life, "90" is used everywhere, and now they have a "rest", in order not to "rotten" in his hand, must take the initiative in love with her boyfriend of two years to marry him.
Women marry more than a "80" women, who had accompanied her boyfriend through the present time a few years of youth, they believe the other is the other half of his life, also believe the same as each other and their own ideas.

Delay marry her boyfriend, no room or heavy mortgage is a curse, if you can wait a few years younger,Auto Diagnostic|VCM IDS|Automotive Diagnostic|VAS 5054A|volvo vida dice|Lexia 3|Nissan consult 3 |T300 key programmer|Benz Star|FORD VCM IDS but now "afford to wait," and offered to marry each other not only ease the frayed nerves, but also feelings for each other breathing space. Meanwhile, the initiative will be successful courtship of females.
Some experts said that "after 80" one child more, because the family pet, age, psychological maturity level than other people to late-maturing, and because the pressure, all sorts of stress and anxiety of the work that they have fear of marriage. Most of the "80" after a man suffer can not give each other love nest, ashamed to speak to marry him, but they are not really reject marriage, but in the dodge, if a woman does not have too many demands in the economy, the men will be pleased with the establishment of family.

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Impulse "Naked Wedding" after the woman you regret it?

Impulse "Naked Wedding" after the woman you regret it?
3 years ago, the Spring Festival, is 10 years old I told my husband took out a marriage back home. No house, no wedding, no ring, no wedding photos, but did not buy a new dress, completely "naked marriage."
Heart, although not uncomfortable, but because her husband said so in the coming year signed the largest single business, all of a sudden you can get better, and when the time to buy a large bedroom, Fengfengguangguang marrying me, and said to go to Zhuhai wedding photos. I was very sure he can do, and I think all this will be soon, because her husband is also the cause before the "brilliant" before, is also a very humane person, and love me. So I always hope, looking forward to the day very much.
Now, three years later, married people around marriage, children's children, but I always feel that he is so sad, sad, when his mother can become? I have for him a flow of 2, body also deteriorates. 3 years, without any improvement in his career, has always been by my goods with him, he said, pursue sideline, and I gave him money to open the restaurant also collapsed, costing him tens of thousands, my salary a month 4000 in Shenzhen, this place is not high, except for all the expenses saved almost all of their own to him. I often think in the end he was on the wall can help? Or an idiot?

We quarreled, and I complained, uttered, had seriously thought about divorce. But he said that divorce is impossible, want me to accept reality.Renault CAN Clip|FORD VCM IDS|VCM IDS|AD 900 key programmer|benz star 2000|Toyota tester|AK500 key programmer|Fly 100 Honda|x431 I did not withdraw, and there is love between us, her husband love love me, which I absolutely believe it! But the marriage did not matter I was really suffering, so far we have separated the two, living in their rental house (he in Dongguan, I am in Shenzhen, just over the weekend together), make up wedding banquet that I do not expect it, but we really need a home. I know my husband also wanted a better life, Ye Hao pressure of his big, so the time together as possible makes me happy, be happy after it, the reality is before us. I do not know when we have to wait until such a time ever really tired, my appetite is getting worse, not better off the body, is to sleep at night, do these problems, the people are getting thinner. Think about these issues almost every day, really tired very happy to help me?
Woman's self-confidence, often turned into a ego. You know, no one's success is inevitable, many men of fame, in addition to capacity, there are point of causal factors. This little bit of "causal factors" and sometimes equivalent to hit the jackpot!
But generally speaking, your husband is not a bad man, humane, but also self-motivated, and very very love you. Such a man, woman, lips say a million times, even "divorce", and my heart may not really be able to Lide Kai him.
Frankly, the pressure on you to give him a little bit larger. He more they want to succeed, the harder it successful.
Do not keep pressure on him, do not let the boss he felt inappropriate to let you down. Encourage him to work for their families were encouraged to go dry, a man, you may learn practical, and after there will be progress.
Of course, the key is that you: you are not able to accept a marriage to be ordinary? You are not able to accept a less extraordinary success of her husband?
Before, you always return to his "pre successful man" kind, so it is inevitable that psychological gap; but if he looked at another way, put him as an ordinary man to live together, maybe there will be a different mood changes.
Importantly, women do not take marriage as a bare investment. Naked before marriage, be prepared in respect of: you get married, maybe just an ordinary man to live.
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Married woman's three errors

Married woman's three errors
Error one: marry him, but not marry him home
Many women come across this problem: When love to know some of his family though, but no attention, that the marriage is his, not his family, so to have him home and I do not have anything to do with ideas.
This view seems quite reasonable, but, you know, a person's life is always the traces with his growing family is human subconscious habit of a lifetime habit. Child, he formed the habit of a lifetime are difficult to change.
So, marry a person, not married himself, but to marry him and his entire growth trajectory.
Myth: I'm so in love with his pet me and accept my marriage would transform
Different growth environment, different ways of thinking and different lifestyles to live two people get together, because many details will inevitably produce conflict. Although these conflicts are small potatoes, but they are often the most expensive marriage tolerance. At the same time, the insistence on detail, reflects on his stubborn ideas.
Some female friends do not understand this, but take a variety of ways to transform her husband, a result began to play against men and women, home became a battle in the end, women are often helpless defeated.
At this time, female people know if they want to transform a man, then it is extremely difficult to do! Transform the face of futility, women realize the transformation of a man then do not accept, and whether patriotic nothing to do with his life path and habits. So, to marry him, we must know where he comes.Renault CAN Clip|FORD VCM IDS|VCM IDS|AD 900 key programmer|benz star 2000|Toyota tester|AK500 key programmer|Fly 100 Honda|x431| Should enjoy the attention from the extension of his body to his antecedents, that is his family background. From there, you can see him in the marriage of the present progressive tense and future development.
Myth: If married, her husband should belong to our small family
To clear your man not your private property, he not only belongs to your little family, but also belong to his parents, relatives and friends. Therefore, his heart is bound to give them some points. Not only that, you have to love him as an extension to them.
So, when you fall in love with a man, and would like to marry him, you must be mentally prepared, you do not just get married with him, you are in with his lifestyle and family background and social context of marriage. To clear your face is not an individual man, but his family environment and social interactions that a group of people behind.

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Mother, and husband's brother forced me to have sex

Mother, and husband's brother forced me to have sex
I am thirty years old, married more than four years. My husband and I know is under the auspices of friends know, that when we are working in Hong Kong, in fact, the beginning, all do not understand each other, but because my family thought I was a older woman left, so all day urging me to get married, I can not help to ask your friend, introduced me to a boyfriend. At first we still can, what two things will be the first time, let the person know. We both love, got married after three years. 

In love three years, we have had sex with him I can not give out the evaluation, but can be regarded as normal. He insists the time is too short. There was a time I also suspect he is not interested in it for me, even wished he was a homosexual, but I never saw him and other men having an affair or something.
Three years later we got married, and together we moved back to his home in Taichung. And his parents live together. His parents still a well-known in the local head man, some family money and power. Their tutor is just a little bit difficult to accept, his parents followed them to my husband and I lived there husband's brother sister son. For this, the husband explained to me a long time, I will down. But then something happened does make me angry.
After two years of marriage my husband and I, because we have no children, the relationship between me and her in-laws began to change up the deterioration. I can not do is move out again to discuss with her husband and her in-laws do not live together. But her husband still does not agree. In this way we turn the pot in place more than six months, one day my mother had three hundred and sixty degree turn. She was very up and I suddenly, it makes me feel a little bit in the bottom of my heart problems.
Things exactly as I imagined it, Benz Star|FORD VCM IDS|VCM IDS|MVCI TIS|D-CAN Interface|LAUNCH X-431|BMW Remote Key|Tire Pressure Monitoring System|diagnostic tool|Bmw GT1 her mother and husband's brother even encouraged me to have sex, that they should be given birth to children at home half a woman, otherwise she would force the husband and I divorced. That is when I learned that her husband joined the army that would, hurt, come infertility. This makes me very sad. To be honest, I really love my husband,

but I did not think that the husband was able to persuade my mother that sex with husband's brother, just to stay, I can in this family.
That night my husband and I had a fight. Is so long since we got married the first such outbreak of fighting. And that is the day my husband broke up a heavy slap in the face, then back to my own family in Taipei. It has been half a year later, her husband did not come to me for the feelings between him and I do not hold any hope.
The reason for the mainland today, a good listener - a small North emotional story you write me, just want to vent some of keeping everything inside the mood for so long. Do not laugh at me hope that this small North than you, a lot of silly sister.

80 couples get together, know-how

80 couples get together, know-how

80 couples, most couples are the family's only child, used to be the center of the family, so when two people come together when the need for more skills to get along.

What is the quality of family and feelings? 80 how to go after the husband and wife should live?
1. The family is haven, not a battlefield. So a family, between husband and wife should learn tolerance and open-minded look at each other, wrong word, wrong thing, you should learn to look with optimism, if a trifle confused bow to pull crossbow Photo have to come up with a win or lose, it will become very tight family atmosphere; occasional tantrums to cause each other's attention, it is necessary to live a normal adjustment and emotional catharsis, there is no relationship; but frequent tantrums, it will have very large negative effects, will hurt the feelings of two people. Each couple's feelings are a piece of paper, heart to cherish each other's feelings, this white paper will become a wonderful picture of life, but if you do not appreciate the feelings of already have, this white paper will be torn ;
2. The role of husband and wife must learn to change; in Chinese society, the wife should become more family, friends, relations between the hub and lubricants, and she will deal with should be very delicate relations between family members, know how to care and elder care , as her husband know how to build a warm haven for the cause of promoting home to be his agent, not a stumbling block; husband should assume more responsibility for family development, has a strong business sense, work hard their own businesses, become a wife strong dependence and family umbrella. Wife and husband need to love and nourish each other, or into middle age, when two people are extremely emaciated; Health (healthy food) in the marital relationship should be: life partner, career help, parents sensible child, children Mature parents ......
3. Know how to cherish and give thanks. Chinese parents are the most selfless and dedicated parents, you can save yourself, but make the best of things left to their own children. Children have their own families after the return of the two sides should try to learn the parents, rather than continue to do the little headstrong emperor and princess.Benz Star|FORD VCM IDS|VCM IDS|MVCI TIS|D-CAN Interface|LAUNCH X-431|BMW Remote Key|Tire Pressure Monitoring System|diagnostic tool|Bmw GT1 These returns can be some of the details, such as helping parents to cook the dishes, take the initiative to contact her mother and father, they are sick, and more to take care of them and let them feel their children the attention and care for their parents. If you have the ability, he can for the father (father of food) Mom (mother of food) to share some more things, so they have to rely on an emotional and life;
4. Institute of joy and happiness. Happiness is from the heart, a happy state of mind of the people, in most times of adversity, are smiling; with pessimistic attitude of the people, in the most wonderful time, are depressed. Joy and happiness, depression, and depression is contagious, so be sure to learn happiness. With a happy heart, even if not feeling well, even in the face of the unpleasant things, and their partners can work together to solve; if one side is always very pessimistic, very difficult two people forever through life so much wind and rain;
5. Maintain long-term character and temperament is an important condition for marriage. Many newly married couples were first because some of the external appearance and skills of each other attractive. But the appearance and life skills is just an appetizer, not the food. Charisma is the key. Some marriages can last forever, because in addition to these external things, the two people strengthen their own inner cultivation, peaceful open-minded, kind and courteous, this will become deep affection. Then pretty girls, handsome boys and then, if no such charisma, so that their partner will gradually lose interest in

Man eyes new standard for a good wife

Man eyes new standard for a good wife
Men women they love what expectations? Build, appearance, ability, family background, personality? Maybe all possible. However, in reality, to find a set of advantages in a perfect woman out of a bit too ridiculous. Since ancient times, the good man's dream wife in order to "get out of the kitchen into the court hall," the so-called Xiuwaihuizhong woman as the standard. So in the eyes of contemporary men and most women aspire to be his wife is like?

1, always elegant and moving her best
Whether meeting friends or your company's New Year's party, she may not be eye-catching clothing, but the bottom line is do not lose face in front of you. In line with the principle of internally and externally, appropriately in her best, have very good, knowledgeable, and good taste. In addition, with white hair in time to dye. Do not allow yourself to get out of hand again fat diet (diet food). Do not wash the old underwear to the costume on the thousands of cheap cashmere coat. Affectionate with you when not to do sexy, but for the neat - Please, do not let me see your underwear or underwear ravel broke a hole.
2, attention to sex
She is not excessive sex woman, but do not cool to not to husband and wife sex seriously.
She has a healthy (healthy food) concept of sex, know how to take the initiative, talk to you a frank exchange of sexual feelings.
3, the importance of the family atmosphere
Do not order take out every day. Road will be a few from the mother (mom food) where the learned signature dish, when the busy work for you meals, there is no candle is not important. Little Girl Red, your buttons off, she will soon be stitched. And love. Continued breastfeeding after the birth of a child, not afraid of body shape.
4, to develop the habit of reading
Most popular read-only married women or fashion magazines, this is normal. But then, some men would have some romantic feeling, like poetry and literature articles, and hope that their partner has the elegant good. Reading is a good thing, of course, reading is not to put up a front. Reading to her from the sins of ignorance, let her tell you more common topic, but also let her temperament has been improved. All in all, or a fun and rewarding to give.
5, and occasionally dream with you
BU leading a poor life, men occasionally overflow the hearts of some unrealistic dream. Even if too vague, do not laugh at you mercilessly. The mood, she do with you dream. Do not worry, there would be any normal man would die so stupid, that dream will never wake it?
6, humorous temperament
Woman's tenderness and kindness are sugar, but blind men, sweet to the tired one day will die. Humor temperament is salt, it is sparsely distributed in the body of a woman, but once there, you can tune out the distinctive flavor - with a joke that an adult woman to cover their ears, compared to about one or two come Adult joke of the woman, of course more interesting.
7, Aiwujiwu
Love you to take the initiative to care about your family. Your parents birthday, she send money or buy a gift early; your brothers and sisters something, and she worried than you; your home to poor relatives, she would not reveal the color of contempt, because contempt is contempt of your relatives, your In the past, is despicable you are.
8, full of confidence
Your contacts with a female friend, not nervous, a little trouble to think you had an affair, we must abandon her.Car Ornaments|Auto Locksmith Tools|LAUNCH X-431|D-CAN Interface|inpa k+can|xprog-m|upa usb|Alarms and Security Confident woman never do anything with the rear end of her husband sniffing dogs, do not know what is to be abandoned. Even if you really have an affair, she is confident will get you towed back to her - if she is willing to be you.
9, tolerant of his extraordinary
Not you expect too much of your ordinary and dull to be the maximum tolerance. You're not rich guys, not all-powerful and successful people, but she is happy to join you for one day of ordinary people. She tolerance, also TIPS, is not easily nagging, complaining you stupid, can not earn a lot of money - you know, men are most afraid of is this also Zuifan.
10, her strong and independent
Some men like women who do by birds, so to protect them. More men prefer a woman with an independent spirit, not a nose a tear easily, and do not mount him all day, made her a world apart from you, even a chat and make friends at all. Men like to have their own space, in fact, you hope you have your own space. She was strong and independent, is the most beautiful in your heart.


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