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Mother, and husband's brother forced me to have sex

Mother, and husband's brother forced me to have sex
I am thirty years old, married more than four years. My husband and I know is under the auspices of friends know, that when we are working in Hong Kong, in fact, the beginning, all do not understand each other, but because my family thought I was a older woman left, so all day urging me to get married, I can not help to ask your friend, introduced me to a boyfriend. At first we still can, what two things will be the first time, let the person know. We both love, got married after three years. 

In love three years, we have had sex with him I can not give out the evaluation, but can be regarded as normal. He insists the time is too short. There was a time I also suspect he is not interested in it for me, even wished he was a homosexual, but I never saw him and other men having an affair or something.
Three years later we got married, and together we moved back to his home in Taichung. And his parents live together. His parents still a well-known in the local head man, some family money and power. Their tutor is just a little bit difficult to accept, his parents followed them to my husband and I lived there husband's brother sister son. For this, the husband explained to me a long time, I will down. But then something happened does make me angry.
After two years of marriage my husband and I, because we have no children, the relationship between me and her in-laws began to change up the deterioration. I can not do is move out again to discuss with her husband and her in-laws do not live together. But her husband still does not agree. In this way we turn the pot in place more than six months, one day my mother had three hundred and sixty degree turn. She was very up and I suddenly, it makes me feel a little bit in the bottom of my heart problems.
Things exactly as I imagined it, Benz Star|FORD VCM IDS|VCM IDS|MVCI TIS|D-CAN Interface|LAUNCH X-431|BMW Remote Key|Tire Pressure Monitoring System|diagnostic tool|Bmw GT1 her mother and husband's brother even encouraged me to have sex, that they should be given birth to children at home half a woman, otherwise she would force the husband and I divorced. That is when I learned that her husband joined the army that would, hurt, come infertility. This makes me very sad. To be honest, I really love my husband,

but I did not think that the husband was able to persuade my mother that sex with husband's brother, just to stay, I can in this family.
That night my husband and I had a fight. Is so long since we got married the first such outbreak of fighting. And that is the day my husband broke up a heavy slap in the face, then back to my own family in Taipei. It has been half a year later, her husband did not come to me for the feelings between him and I do not hold any hope.
The reason for the mainland today, a good listener - a small North emotional story you write me, just want to vent some of keeping everything inside the mood for so long. Do not laugh at me hope that this small North than you, a lot of silly sister.


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